Multi-Vendor Shipping

VAT excl.

Drop ship products directly from your vendors. Automatically email the vendor, either during checkout or after payment is verified. Assign products to vendors in your admin area. Add shipping methods for each vendor. Updated from previous versions by ecartz, one of the CE Phoenix core developers. All with an easy install. Here's the instructions:

Install Instructions
1. Run the mys.sql file in phpMyAdmin or similar.
2. Upload all the files in the catalog directory. Remember to change the name of admin to match your store.
3. Go to admin > Configuration > My Store > Template Selection and change the store template to custom.
4. Edit includes/languages/english/checkout_shipping.php to add

const TEXT_MULTIPLE_SHIPPING_METHODS = 'Multiple shipping methods';

Add translations for other languages as necessary.

Next steps:
1. Go to your admin and configure your shipping modules.
2. Configure vendors and add products.
3. Check the notification modules to see if you want to install them.
4. Possibly turn off the standard notification modules for checkout and order status updates.

Requires CE Phoenix version or newer.

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