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Updated for Phoenix

Responsive and Localized Store Logos


1. Serve different logo sizes to allow the visitors browser to select the most apropiate for it’s device size and resolution. The browser will automatically download only the logo which fits best it’s need.
Example: You are using a banner style store logo which is set to half of the header width (col-6)
- for a standard desktop screen and a retina tablet a width of about 640px would be good
- for a retina desktop device with double resolution like i-mac, 1280px would be better
- for a small simple mobile phone 320px would be optimum to save download time.
This add-on allows you to upload 3 different sizes of your store logo (1280px, 640px and 320px for this example)
If your store logo uses the full width (col-12), upload for example the sizes 2560px, 1280px and 640px.

2. If you wish to use different versions of the Store Logo for each of your store languages, you can now easy upload a different set of logos for each language.
It is not mandatory, You can use one and the same logo and only upload to the default language. It will be used then for all languages.

Included Modules:
- Header Logo Module

English and Spanish language files included.

Version: 2.2

Very easy, modularized

Tested with Phoenix
PHP 7.0-8.2
Phoenix Cart Support Forum:
Store Logos Multi