Holiday - Promotional Message


Updated for Phoenix

Header module which allows to show any message like holidays, Promotions etc. in the header area.

How it works:
Allows to enter a title (optional) and message in the module in the Admin area which will show up in the header area of the store.
Allows to select the pages where to show the message.
Soports different languages.
Optional possibility to add the message to the order confirmation e-mails

Version: 3.2.0. Phoenix
Version: 3.1.2. Phoenix
Version: 3.0.0. Phoenix
Version: 2.1.2. Frozen, Edge

Very easy, modularized
Copy 3 files + 1 language file
Install 1 module in Admin
Optional modification in 1 file to include the message into the order confirmation e-mail (Phoenix

Version: 3.2.0.:
Phoenix Cart
Tested with Phoenix
PHP 7.0-8.2
Version: 3.1.2.:
Phoenix Cart
Tested with Phoenix
Version: 3.0.0.:
Phoenix Cart -
Version: 2.1.2.:
Responsive BS CE Frozen
OsC 2.3.4 Bootstrap Community Editions GOLD and EDGE
PHP 5.4-7.4

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Holiday-Promotional Message