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Review Testimonials Manager App is a complete solution to manage your store customers feedback. This App is modularized and hooked. Easy to install. Only one core file modification is required.

It has been specifically designed to offer feedback solutions for the following scenarios:

  • Store owners who sell their products on other marketplaces like Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy etc. can add external reviews. This includes rating, product image and external link.
  • Stores offering one of a kind products which are not any more shown in the store once they are sold. This includes rating and product image.
  • Multilanguage stores which wants to show reviews/testimonials in different languages and offer Google auto translate for all other than the actual store language.

How it works - Features

  • The admin side offers options to add:
    - reviews/testimonial language ( used for Google translation)
    - customer name
    - rating 1-5
    - product name
    - product image with upload option
    - external URl to the review
    - date and review/testimonial text.

This can be used to add reviews/testimonials from  different Marketplaces.

  • Costomers can write reviews for sold out products and the reviews are shown on the reviews/testimonials page.
    The products need to be still available in the database and the product main image available. Once the review has been submitted, the product and its image can be deleted.
  • Customers can write reviews on the same way for products which are still available in the store.
    These are shown in both places, core reviews module on the product page and reviews/testimonials page.
    The products image is automatically copied into the testimonials image directory.
  • Optionally, registered and logged in users and guests can write a testimonial about the store/service which is not related with a product.
    These testimonials will be shown on the reviews/testimonials page.
  • All reviews/testimonials must be approved by the admin.
  • Optionally an invitation and link to the review/testimonial write page can be added to order status update e-mails.
    They are auto added when the order status is switched to a selectable order status. (Usually the "delivered" status).
  • Optionally an auto e-mail is sent after an selectable number of days after the order status has been switched to the selectable order status (Usually the "delivered" status).
    The auto e-mails are triggered on loading admin/index.php once per session or day.
    Orders with sent review reminder e-mails are flagged to ensure the e-mail is only sent once for each order.
  • The link in the mails leads to the testimonials_write.php page where a list of all ordered products is shown.
    Each product offers a link to write a product review.
    Once the review is submitted, the product gets flagged and the link button is replaced by a check icon. So the customer can write one review per order product.
  • The customer can write a review for each product that belongs to the same order.
    If the product is repeated with different options/attributes and belongs to the same order the customer can write a review for each product variation.
    It is also possible to write a review for the same product purchased in different orders.
  • For stores using more than one language and which want to show all reviews/testimonilas written in all languages, independant of the actual selected store language.
    It is possible to optionally offer the possibility to auto translate all languages which do not correspond to the actual selected store language with Google Translate.
    All other store texts are protected to be translated by Google translate.
  • In the customer account order history a link to the testimonials_write page is added to all orders.
  • A Navbar module is included which shows a random selection of reviews with image and rated stars and link to the testimonials page.
    A link to the reviews write page is included depending on the configuration settings (guest, customer, orders)
  • A box module is included which shows one random review with image and rated stars and link to the testimonials page.
  • A Reviews Schema Header Tag module is included to add Tags for Google Rich Snippets
English, Spanish and German language files included.

Version: 1.2.1

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OsCommerce CE Phoenix,, -
PHP 7.0-8.2

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