QTpro Update Product Price

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Commercial Add-on exclusive in this WEB.

This package requires previous installation of:

Auto Update the product price on the Product Page depending on the selected Options-Attributes price.
Works with all 4 pad classes

Just replace the standard pad classes and the product info options content module.
No file change (Frozen and Phoenix)
Minimum file change in product_info.php (GOLD and EDGE)

Version: 4.3

very easy
Copy 8 new files
Uninstall and reinstall 1 module in Admin
No file change (Frozen and Phoenix)
Modify a few lines of code in product_info.php (Gold and Edge)

Phoenix -
PHP 7.0-8.2
OsCommerce CE Frozen
PHP 7.0-7.2
Bootstrap 2.3.x OsCommerce Gold and Edge
PHP 5.4 -7.1

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