Name-based URLs Pro

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This add-on produces name (category, product, manufacturer, info-page) based URLs.

## Versions and Features:

# Name-based URLs Demo
- Support for Product URLs
- Filter Short Words
- Use SEO Titles as name
- Remove all non-alphanumeric characters
- One language

# Name-based URLs Lite (bundled with Phoenix Cart Pro)

In addition to Demo version:
- Support for Categories URLs
- Support for Manufacturer URLs
- Automatic redirects for old URLs
- CPath always added to product URLs
- One language

# Name-based URLs Pro

In addition to Demo and Lite version:
- Support for info pages
- Add category parent to product URLs
- Add category parent to begining of category URLs
- Optional add CPath to product URLs
- Selectable Path separator (dash or slash)
- Custom Special character conversions separate for each language
- Multilanguage
- Multilanguage support for S06e02 XML Sitemaps (Requires Phoenix
- Further customizations on demand

No core file changes.

Version: 1.1.7

very easy, modularised
Copy files
Install 1 module in Admin
Tested with Phoenix
PHP 7.0 - 8.3

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