KissIT Image Thumbnailer Pro

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Updated for Phoenix
Automatic create on the fly Thumbnails for all your images:

This add-on improves the page load time serving all images in just the required image size on all places.

Version Pro 4.6.0 Phoenix
for Phoenix with Phoenix
for Phoenix with Phoenix
for Phoenix
for Phoenix

Additional caracteristics Pro:
It allows to auto convert all image formats (jpeg. png, gif) to webp images.
Webp format offers smaller images and therefore faster page load than all other image formats with the same image quality.

Pro introduces support for the html tag “srcset:” It allows to indicate the browser that different versions of an image are available to fit the different needs of high resolution/retina devices and smaller devices.
KissIt Image Thumbnailer automates the task to create different thumb versions for the following conditions:
1. A double sized thumb will be created and tagged with “x2” if the original image is bigger than the required thyumb width and height at least by the factor entered in the new configuration value “KissIT Retina Factor”.
2. A subset of smaller thumb versions are created and tagged by the thumb widths inside the srcset tags. These smaller versions will be choosen by the browser depending on the device screen size.
3. Another new feature is that now images which have no width and height passed to the tep_image function, will be supported by KissIt Image Thumbnailer and a thumb with the original image size will be created. This allows also to use the KissIt watermark on these images and a smaller subset will be created according to the following conditions:
original image width > 400px => half sized image thumb
original image width > 700px => quarter sized image
4. New image class introduced to avoid watwermark inclusion
5. Added function to replace blank space by dash in thumb names for srcset validation.
6. Added optional convert jpeg, png and gif images to webp thumbs
7. Added optional offer original image format as fallback for WEBP incompatible browsers.

Common Features with free version:
Configurable min. image size to use thumbs
Equal image size adding background if necesary to smaller images
Equal image proportion adding background if necesary
Add watermark for images bigger than configured (including big images in pop-up of product_info)
Show customizable no image available thumb if image is missing
WEBP, JPEG, GIF and PNG images supported
Configurable JPEG and WEBP quality
In RGB configurable Background color
3 level sharpness filter
Transparent GIF and PNG suport
Reset thumbnails from Admin
Optional support for Admin

Very easy
Copy 1 new directory including 3 new files and 2 new images
Version 3.4.0: no file changes
Modified product info and pi Image gallery modules included
Previous versions: Apply changes to 1-3 existing files
Modified product_info.php files included to replace unmodified original file
Configuration entries will be automatic installed on first catalog image load
Optional Admin support:
Copy 1 new directory including 3 new files and 2 new images
Apply changes to 4 existing files

CE Phoenixcart 1.0.x.x
PHP 7.0 - 8.3
Bootstrap 2.3.x OsCommerce
PHP 5.3 - 7.2

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